How to Choose a Self-Storage Unit in McKinney, TX?

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Cornerstone Storage Team
September 28th, 2021

Are you looking to rent a storage unit in McKinney, TX? Self-storage facilities are safe, hassle-free, and easy to find. There are many reasons you’d want to rent a storage space, especially when it concerns your precious belongings, RV, boat, or automobile. However, not all units are created equal. To help you make an informed choice, here are some do’s and don’ts about choosing a McKinney storage unit near you.


  1. Figureout the square footage area, height, and width of the space you need before booking just any storage unit to accommodate your needs well. We have a size guide to assist you @
  2. Lookfor facility features such as gated storage, 24-hour access, covered or uncovered, video monitoring, flexible plans, and overall convenience and safety.
  3. No matter how good an RV storage facility, boat storage facility, or automobile storage facility you find in McKinney, you will have a tough time driving if the distance isn’t reasonable. So, it is wise to choose a unit relatively nearby.
  4. Make sure you also check your insurance if it covers the items you are storing, or contact a facility that might offer an affordable insurance plan for your stored items.
  5. Each McKinney storage unit will have different policies and restrictions for how you can store items at their facility. Make sure you are familiar with the terms and follow those for the sake of saving your time, expenses, and energy.
  6. Google “cornerstone storage LLC,” and you will find our listing.
  7. If you plan to leave items in your stored automobile, take inventory of those, so you don’t lose track.


  1. Don’t get the sizing wrong because if you get a smaller area, you will have to upgrade to a bigger space at an additional expense. Also, if you get bigger than needed area, it will again incur an extra amount.
  2. Never underestimate onsite fencing, surveillance, computerized access, latching systems, physical upkeep, and cheerful disposition of the management to ensure high standards of the storage unit near you.
  3. Self-storage is more appealing to those on a budget and compared to full-service storage units in McKinney. But never be guided by the prices alone. Keep referrals, testimonials, market reputation, industry experience, and your convenience in mind.

Looking For Storage Units in McKinney, TX? We Can Help.

At Cornerstone Storage, we offer covered or uncoveredself-storage options for your household belongings, RV, boat, and automobile. It is as easy as one-two-three – drive in your vehicle, keep it stored safely at our storage in McKinney, TX, and pick it back when the time comes. We are available for residents in McKinney as well as Celina, Frisco, Melissa, and Prosper.

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